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Skanks, Hos and The Men Who Inexplicably Love Them

Bitch, I warned you!

Sports Skanks
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Wherever there are rich men, there will be groupies. Professional athletes, however, seem to attract the most classless women possible. From B-movie actresses seemingly hellbent on banging the pitching staff of every team in major league baseball to centerfolds kicking their NFL quarterback boyfriend's extracurriculars in the head, skankitude abounds in the world of professional sports. sports_skanks is the place where you can vent about the unfairness of it all.

Why is it that an athlete who could have his pick of women scrapes the bottom of the barrel when choosing a mate? Would any other man accept the mother of his children publicly proclaiming that she would screw all his officemates if she ever caught him cheating? Would your male co-worker put up with his wife following him to work every day talking to him on her cell phone every second so he wouldn't talk to any other woman? Do you know a man who lets his wife decide when and where he should work? Of course not--but all of the above have been done by athletes' wives, seemingly with the athletes' approval. "Who cares, as long as she's hot" seems to be their thinking. What they don't seem to notice is that some of them aren't even hot.

So we at sports_skanks encourage you to unsheathe your claws and bitch about the hos that enslave our favorite sports guys. A note, however--just because your favorite athlete is attached does not automatically make his girlfriend/wife a skank, so if you disagree with a view feel free to state so. In the meantime, let the catfights begin!

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